Gallery No. 17 is pleased to share Nyle redactions as part of its inaugural Artists’ Gathering, a monthly community-centered salon for artists, by artists.

Nyle’s collection is a set of redacted religious pamphlets wherein selected words are censored with gaff tape and duct tape to create small poems, calls to action, and declarations. Some are modified in such a way that they become antithetical to the original. For example, “I am...the devil.”

Many of the pamphlets are gathered in the wake of proselytizers, an act that, in and of itself, one could argue, is one of quiet dissidence.

Religion was born of redactions, omissions, and deletions. The ancient rituals of the world were adopted and modified to assimilate indigenous cultures into “civilized societies”. In this way, people went from contemplative spiritual practitioners to god-fearing zealots. Ancient scripture has been rewritten and overwritten so many times and by so many kings, that no one can agree on the best route to heaven.

Nyle spreads the good word by cutting out the noise, as in the imperative “help people”, begging the question: What other moral beacon do you need?